LiveStreaming Sales Associate's Course

Your exciting real estate career begins here!

Florida's license requirements

In order to be licensed in Florida, you must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma, send in an application that reports your criminal history, if any, and submit your fingerprints. For more information on criminal history, click here.

You must complete the Real Estate Prelicense course. The tuition for the LiveStreaming course is $425, including all books and materials. Advance registration is required. Because of the lead time for applying for the state exam, you should call to enroll right away! We’ll send your books and information for logging in to the course.

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Your choice of schools is important, we cover what you need to PASS!

Our course includes the real estate license law, investments, contracts, fair housing, finance, appraising, taxation, zoning, and business brokerage. The Real Estate School, Inc. is devoted exclusively to real estate education and helps you enjoy the course and to PASS.

The finest instructors

Take the course from professional instructors with decades of experience in teaching real estate. We’re ready to give you the best service and support by answering any questions you have as you progress through the course.

Most students come to us as a result of personal referrals from area brokers, sales-persons and past students. We work hard to be certain that you find the course informative and enjoyable.


A note from one of our recent LiveStreaming class students:

"Mr. Jeff made the course material so much fun in a way he teaches. 1.) he is so knowledgable,  2.)passionate 3.) has so much experience in the field and 4.) an excellent teacher.

l am so happy that he was my instructor and l got the opportunity to take these classes under his supervision. Online was so well-organized. l think it is better than on campus classes for this course, it was very interactive. All the students participated and we don’t have to wear face masks, unlike if we were to be in classroom on campus . I would from here onwards like to take all my real estate continuing classes LiveStreaming with your school . Thank you!"

Successful Salesperson