Florida Sales Associate Post-Licensing Classroom Course

Take your post-licensing course at The Real Estate School, Inc., conveniently located at 2110 Centerville Road, Suite C, Tallahassee, FL 32308. This informative course will help you earn more money in your real estate practice.

Your choice of schools is important; we cover what you need to PASS! Our course includes the real estate license law, investments, contracts, fair housing, finance, appraising, taxation, zoning, and business brokerage. The Real Estate School, Inc. is devoted exclusively to real estate education and helps you enjoy the course and PASS the exam.

This course meets the post-licensing education requirements of the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC). Our school license number is ZH45653. Our FREC Course Approval Number is 0008423. The course is based on the most widely used post-licensing text in Florida, Post-Licensing Education for Real Estate Sales Associates by The Real Estate School, Inc. President Edward O’Donnell. It is quite thorough, filled with the most current material and updated regularly with the latest law and rule changes.

Subjects covered in the class include:

Section I   Laying the Foundation for a Successful Career 
   Legal Issues and Risk Management 
   Fair Housing and the Americans with Disabilities Act 
   Business Planning and Time Management 

Section II   Obtaining Listings That Sell 

   Prospecting for Listings 
   Pricing the Property to Sell 
   Making the Listing Presentation 
   Listing Contracts 


   Working with Buyers 
   Sales and Option Contracts 
   Writing and Presenting the Offer 

Section IV   Financing and Closing Real Estate Transactions 

   Exploring Mortgage Alternatives 
   Acquiring Financing for the Property 
   Closing Real Estate Transactions

Section V    Analyzing and Managing Investment Property 

   Analyzing and Managing Investment Property

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