Policy and Procedures Manual Sample Page: Servicing Suggestions

LISTING - Servicing Suggestions

It is imperative that we maintain frequent contact with the seller who has entrusted the sale of his property to our Company. A sales associate who does not service his or her listings properly will soon find referral business dropping off substantially, and that it is impossible to get sellers to renew their listing.

We recommend that sales associates set aside one evening each week as "servicing" night. Call each of your sellers and discuss your efforts. If you are not able to reach them, write a note or letter to them immediately. A contact reminder should be placed on your calendar for tomorrow.

Calling a seller each week is often difficult because we do not know what to say week after week. Don't feel uncomfortable. Call! Nothing is worse than not calling for several weeks, and feeling guilty about your performance.

We suggest that you clip the seller’s advertising and mail it to the seller. Ask the seller to call if another agent shows the property so that you can follow up.

Our business is built on service. Service your listings.

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