Taking the Florida Real Estate License Exam

Florida's real estate exam is now given by computer, courtesy of Pearson VUE, Inc. (formerly Promissor). Photos courtesy of Pearson VUE.

Don't underestimate the difficulty level of this exam! Get your exam prep materials!

Applicants for a Florida real estate license will take their examination on Pearson VUE's EXPro Electronic Test Administration System. The machine is a "touch screen" computer. It looks somewhat like an "Etch-a-Sketch" and is very simple to use. Candidates do not need computer knowledge to take the exam. The tests are given at 15 locations around Florida. For test locations, click here.

Steps in the process:

  • Candidate sends application to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR)
  • DBPR sends authorization to Pearson VUE for candidate to be tested
  • Pearson VUE sends an authorization notice to the candidate
  • The candidate selects the exam location, date and time
  • The candidate calls Pearson VUE for a reservation at least 3 days prior to requested test date
  • Pearson VUE sends a confirmation notice by e-mail, fax or mail
  • The candidate arrives at the reserved time with the following: 
    1. 2 forms of signature ID, one with photo
    2. The authorization letter from Pearson VUE
    3. The pre-license school certificate (if not already submitted with the application)
  • The candidate pays a fee: $31.50 for real estate exam, $36.00 for appraisal exam, $13.50 for 40-question law exam
  • The candidate must bring a calculator (non-alpha-numeric, non-programmable). 
  • The candidate may take a practice tutorial to become familiar with the computer before starting the exam
  • The candidate can change answers, mark questions for later review, review skipped questions, review the entire exam or review a specific numbered question
  • The exam is scored in seconds
  • Passing candidates receive a score report and application instructions. The successful candidate can Fax form 400.5 to the Department and go to work.
  • Failing candidates receive a diagnostic score report. They must wait one day, then may register to retake the exam. Another fee is due to Pearson VUE.

Go to Pearson VUE's web site.