Two Day Exam Prep-Classroom

The ultimate real estate sales associate exam cram session

Tuition - $125.00

Florida Real Estate Commissions statistics indicate that the average score for all sales associate candidates is approximately 77%; only 2 points above passing! The percentage of first-time candidates failing the exam is approximately 51%. Do not underestimate the difficulty of this exam. We provide you with the information you need to PASS.


Tallahassee - 545 E Tennessee Street (directly across from Leon High School).


Monday from 8:30 - 5:00 and Tuesday from 8:30 until 5:00. Call (850) 893-7000 for dates and availability.

We prepare you to do well. Our instructors are experts in the field. Take advantage of their comprehensive knowledge of the information which must be mastered by exam applicants. Their presentation style is friendly and dynamic.

Our Students Comment...

"I couldn’t have passed the exam yesterday without your help!! Attendance at your ‘boot camp’ really paid off."-Ann Shahawy

"I passed with a 91! My thanks for your excellent preparation." -Jim Erwin

"I made a 91! Your cram course was the best and I recommend it to anyone taking the exam!" - Kevin Gay

"The questions you gave and the class discussions were invaluable. I cannot imagine being better prepared for the exam!" - Sam James

"I got ‘90' even though I forgot my calculator! Your abundant wit and wisdom allowed me to understand even the most complex subjects without ever losing interest." - W. H Stander

"When I saw ‘92' on my state grade slip, I did a little dance and shout." -Danny Ryals


You should bring your Florida Real Estate Principles Course Textbook . Hundreds of typical questions will be presented during the class.

Call today to enroll in our Florida Exam Prep or to order your exam prep CDs! Call toll-free (850) 893-7000 or enroll online through our secure server.

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