Florida Sales Associate Exam Prep Testimonials

Dear Mr. O'Donnell:
My husband and I took our Florida Real Estate State Board Exam on the 11th of February, and we were quite surprised that we bothpassed on our first try! We want to thank you very much for the assistance of your wonderful on-line program, which we are confident greatly helped us. I want to tell you a little story. I learned of your program, word of mouth, from my cousin, Margie Travali. Margie is a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother, who was holding a full-time position as a Human Resource Manager with a hotel chain, while studying her 63-hour FREC1 Real Estate course last year. She failed her Florida State board exam more than a few times, and then someone told her about your on-line tutorial. She purchased the program, studied it diligently, took her state board exam again, and passed. She immediately told me about your program, and the rest is history!

I recommend this program very highly ... especially to those who suffer from test anxiety like I do. It offers an incredible measure of confidence during the study process.

You really should consider branching out to the complete U.S.!

Very sincerely and appreciatively,
Christine Travali Murphy
Professional Florida Real Estate Sales Associate!

I wanted to let you know that I passed the sales exam on the first try after enrolling in your online course. I found your program to give me a good background for the test questions in general, and many of the questions were the exact ones I saw on the test! I'll be in touch with you again when I go for my Brokers exam!


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