Who are the Members of the Florida Real Estate Commission?

You can find the current list of FREC members with their positions and term lengths listed on the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) web site at the following URL:


As of May 2014, the FREC members consisted of the following individuals:

Real Estate Licensees

Name Term End
Roger P. Enzor, Chair 10/31/15
Poul Hornsleth, Vice-Chair 10/31/14
Claude "Chip" Boring, III 10/31/17
Richard "Dick" Fryer 10/31/16
Darla Furst 10/31/16

Consumer Members

Name Term End
Elias Chotas 10/31/16
Josh Podolsky 10/31/14

Please refer to the DBPR web site listed above for the latest list of FREC members.

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