Florida Real Estate License News: 2006

10/18/2006 2:27pm
Getting Your Real Estate Web Site Listed in the Major Search Engines: Part 2

Last week we took a look at internal link optimization as a way to boost the ranking of your real estate...
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10/09/2006 2:32pm
Getting Your Real Estate Web Site Listed in the Major Search Engines

When building your real estate web site, it is essential to keep proper search engine optimization techniques in mind, or you...
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06/29/2006 3:21pm
A Quick Reminder Regarding Referral Fees

The Department of Financial Services (DFS), Office of Insurance Regulation, recently published an article to remind real estate professionals of the laws...
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01/17/2006 7:12pm
Commercial Brokers Can Force Commission Payments through Lien Act

If you sell or lease commercial real estate, Florida law changes effective October 1, 2005, may help you collect your commissions. The...
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01/17/2006 1:46pm
FREC Case Study

The Florida Real Estate Commission is charged with protecting Florida consumers from unscrupulous licensees, and takes its duties very seriously. DBPR Press...
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01/17/2006 1:41pm
Explaining Listing Agreements

It is in the licensee's best interest to fully explain the contents of a listing agreement to the seller before it...
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01/12/2006 6:01pm
Real Estate Brokers and Sales Associates

Why BUYERS AND SELLERS need a broker Because buying or selling a home or investment property is acomplex and important financial...
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