Florida Real Estate License News: 2007

07/31/2007 3:34pm
Inspecting the Inspector

Home inspections are a good idea and no one should buy a house without one. But who regulates or inspects the...
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07/27/2007 12:28pm
Don't Let Surprises Ruin the Deal

The home buyers might love the house, but they hate last-moment surprises that tell them something new about the transaction. Those unwelcome surprises...
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07/25/2007 8:06am
Staging the House

"All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances’" - William Shakespeare's...
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07/20/2007 8:23am
Show and Tell

Seasoned real estate agents know there are many bumps and obstacles on the path to the closing of a sale. Disclosure...
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07/18/2007 8:35am
Walking Tall Through Buying Short Sales

We're hearing a lot about short sales these days and in an earlier blog we addressed the issue of selling homes...
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07/16/2007 2:41pm
Short Sales Can Be Big Challenges

Listing agents with tall experience in "short sales" are finding themselves once again in high demand by sellers. Agents who take the...
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03/12/2007 7:23am
What Should I Ask My Prospective Broker?

While hard work and good contacts can help you succeed during your first years in the real estate business, probably the...
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02/26/2007 8:00am
Reverse Mortgages - Information to make an Informed Decision

Many older Americans are turning to "reverse" mortgages to finance a home improvement, pay off a current mortgage, supplement their retirement income,...
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02/19/2007 9:01am
A New Tax Deduction for Home Buyers

Home buyers who purchase in 2007 or later can deduct Mortgage Insurance Fees When Preparing Their Tax Returns. Mortgage insurance is NOT...
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02/16/2007 2:36pm
Real Estate Careers Give Women the Flexibility to Balance Career and Family

More women are looking for flexible careers, and are finding that real estate fits their needs. A recent study by the...
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02/01/2007 5:09pm
Getting Your Real Estate Web Site Listed in the Major Search Engines: Part 3

So far in this series, we've really just talked about building links to improve your rankings. Internal links should be descriptive and...
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