Florida Real Estate License News: 2023

03/12/2023 7:23am
What Should I Ask My Prospective Broker?

While hard work and good contacts can help you succeed during your first years in the real estate business, probably the...
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02/20/2023 8:23am
Show and Tell

Seasoned real estate agents know there are many bumps and obstacles on the path to the closing of a sale. Disclosure...
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02/16/2023 2:36pm
Real Estate Careers Give Women the Flexibility to Balance Career and Family

More women are looking for flexible careers, and are finding that real estate fits their needs. A recent study by the...
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01/13/2023 10:00am
Are online courses more effective?

The DBPR Education and Testing Bureau has received information from the real estate testing vendor that has surprised many veteran...
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01/12/2023 6:01pm
Real Estate Brokers and Sales Associates

Why BUYERS AND SELLERS need a broker Because buying or selling a home or investment property is acomplex and important financial...
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01/01/2023 7:41pm
Disclosure of Building Code Violations

Sellers must state the existence and nature of the code violation; must give the buyer disclosure with copies of notices; state the...
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